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Cheryl at Desk

Heptagon Learning Support Centre provides one-on-one educational support for students in grades 1 through 12. We offer two streams of tutoring, one for students with learning difficulties and one for students requiring support with mainstream academic classes. All of our instruction is based upon the knowledge that every student is capable of learning, but the teaching method must be suitable for the student's learning style. Many students require a teaching style that adapts to their strengths while building their skills.

Heptagon subscribes to Dr. Howard Gardner's widely respected theory that there are at least 7 different intelligences, or preferences, for teaching and learning. Everyone possesses all 7 but in varying strengths based upon the individual. Also, these strengths continue to develop and change throughout our lives. Heptagon combines multiple intelligence theory with the learning approaches of Orton Gillingham to develop individualized and multi-sensory instructional programs. These programs focus on the visual, auditory and kinesthetic parts of the brain which support the variety of ways that students learn and process information.