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Step 1


Our first step is to offer a free consultation with parents and their children so we can discuss previous and current learning needs and concerns. In this session we like to discuss past experiences in learning situations and, if the student has a learning difficulty, we like to review report cards and any educational assessments that may have already been performed.

Step 2


We utilize a variety of educational assessments to determine the student's learning style and current academic level in reading, writing, spelling and math. The very idea of a test, however, makes many students uncomfortable and stressed. To ensure that we record the most accurate representation of your child's current level of achievement we approach the testing process at the student's pace, always making sure that they are comfortable and at ease. We share that people learn in different ways and that sometimes it is necessary to change how the student is being taught in order for them to be the best they can be. Only once the student feels relaxed do we begin the assessment.

Step 3


It takes us a day or two to interpret the information we gather. Then we meet with the parents again and share how their child learns. We go into detail about their child's ability to decode, recognize sight words, spell, comprehend reading material, and basic math skills.

Step 4

Individualized Tutoring Plan

Using the assessment information as a guide, an Individualized Tutoring Plan is developed for each child. This working document describes the student's present level of performance, identifies measurable goals and individual learning expectations. An assessment of learning expectations is completed on a monthly basis and parents receive a report on their child's progress at the end of each month.

Step 5

Tutoring Sessions

We will work with you to find a tutoring schedule that is designed to meet your needs. Sessions can be a half hour or an hour in length and from once to five times a week. All of our tutoring sessions are one-on-one and are tailored to meet the student's current level of knowledge while building towards mastery.